Solution for damp masonry

Water, the source of life, can also pose challenges for masonry. Entrust the solution to your building’s dampness problems to us; we offer comprehensive remediation services.

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What You Can Rely on Us For

While we may occasionally offer discounted prices, we never compromise on the quality of our work or our principles. This commitment has proven successful for us since 1990.

Expertise and Background

Backed by extensive experience, our dedicated staff, and advanced technology, we bring a wealth of expertise to every project.


Adapting to changes during a project is second nature to us. We remain flexible to ensure seamless project execution.


If we identify a more efficient or cost-effective solution for your project, we proactively suggest it to you.

Quality Guarantee

As a reputable company, we provide appropriate guarantees, leveraging our status as a large company.

Wide Range of Services

Our comprehensive approach covers every aspect of your project, from design to remediation.

Our services

With a successful track record since 1990, we specialize in the comprehensive solutions for damp masonry.


Moisture Ingress Protection


Chemical Grouting for Additional Masonry Insulation


Airproofing Methods


Surface Treatments for Masonry


Waterproofing for Floors and Masonry, with a Focus on Trowel Waterproofing


Building Drainage


Sealing of Concrete Structures


Forced Moisture Reduction in Masonry

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From Research to Implementation

We conduct comprehensive solutions for damp masonry, encompassing every stage of the process.


Moisture Ingress Protection

We meticulously assess the building’s current condition, history, and use, including previous remediation measures. Our evaluation includes:


– Determining the degree of dampness and salinity of the masonry according to EN 73 0610.

– Analyzing external and internal conditions, including climate.

– Identifying the causes of dampness, enabling us to propose effective solutions.


Chemical Grouting for Additional Masonry Insulation

In the design phase, we present material and technology options, evaluating their advantages and disadvantages. Our services are tailored to your needs, offering consultancy, advisory services, or complete project management. We collaborate with designers, construction companies, private builders, property owners, and operators. Our coordination ensures seamless integration with building design and other specializations. Equipped with appropriate instruments and software, we adhere to CSN 73 0610 for remediation solution design and provide detailed cost calculations.


Surface Treatments for Masonry

  • we carry out building rehabilitation according to our own designs or project documentation of other entities
  • we offer partial works or complete turnkey rehabilitation and reconstruction
  • we act as a subcontractor for construction companies
  • we carry out most of our orders in the South Moravian Region and the surrounding area

Our realizations

We rehabilitate 50-60 buildings a year. From apartment and family houses to civic amenity buildings to listed buildings.

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