Canon’s House Petrov

ESOX undertook the reconstruction of the Baroque canons’ residence, located within the vicinity of the Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul in Brno, transforming it into a modern structure based on the designs by architect Marek Štěpán, under the constant supervision of conservationists.

The two-story building, designated as a national cultural monument, features a U-shaped floor plan and an inner paved courtyard. The entrance and the pathway from the narrow Petrovska street were left unchanged, along with the exposed courtyard, now paved with granite blocks.

The original pavilion has been replaced by a timber and glass footbridge supported by a steel structure, facilitating wheelchair access to the upper floors via a newly constructed lift. Structural issues with the second-floor ceilings necessitated the removal of the roof, replaced with a new design enabling the utilization of the attic space.

These modifications resulted in the creation of three new residential units spread across three floors for the canons, along with two apartments for temporary accommodation and quarters for a housekeeper, doubling as a common area for additional staff. Other spaces, such as the chapel, corridors, and outdoor areas, are shared among all residents and guests.

The renovation also entailed the restoration of the historic façade, incorporating preserved and new decorative elements. The original, unsuitable three-part modern-style windows were replaced with timber-framed windows featuring double-glazed inner sashes.

Working within the historical context of Petrov posed challenges due to limitations on mechanization and the building’s conservation status, necessitating extensive manual labor. All tasks and deliveries were executed to the requisite quality and scope, displaying technical proficiency, and took 18 months to complete.

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Investor Biskupství brněnské
Realization 04/2022 – 08/2023
Budget 44.959 million. CZK
Building dimensions Built-up area: 4 150 m3; Built-up area: 400 m2; Useful area 860 m2
General designer/architect Ing. arch. Marek Jan Štěpán
Location Petrov, Brno city centre

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