Military Hospital Olomouc – reconstruction of inpatient wards and outpatient facilities

Under the meticulous oversight of the National Heritage Institute, ESOX undertook the reconstruction of the inpatient wards and outpatient facilities at the Military Hospital Olomouc. Situated within the premises of the Baroque Monastery Castle, originally established as a Premonstratensian monastery in 1077, the hospital stands as a testament to centuries of history. Its current architectural form dates back to the first half of the 18th century, rendering it the largest Baroque edifice in Olomouc and a cherished monument within the city.

Having served as a hospital since 1802, the former monastery building has undergone numerous renovations and historical assessments over the years, resulting in various structural adaptations. The recent imperative was to modernize both inpatient and outpatient facilities, harmonize internal wards, and establish seamless connectivity between inpatient and outpatient sections. Additionally, the project encompassed the installation of an evacuation lift.

Commencing in December 2021 and concluding in November 2023, all construction activities were meticulously executed while the hospital remained operational, necessitating the project to be divided into six distinct phases. Notable among the transformations was the creation of a dental outpatient clinic within the underground level, alongside minor structural modifications to sanitary facilities and changing rooms.

On the first floor, neurology services were relocated to the western wing, adjacent to the internal medicine outpatient department, while dentistry found its new home in the newly constructed basement premises. Concurrently, the internal medicine outpatient department was repositioned to the southern wing.

The second floor renovation focused on internal inpatient wards, including a 54-bed capacity area, an intensive care unit accommodating 12 beds, and a neurology and rehabilitation unit with 34 beds, each equipped with requisite staff amenities such as examination rooms, nurse stations, medical offices, and storage areas. Moreover, the library received a revamped flooring.

A newly installed bed evacuation lift, housed within a monolithic concrete shaft, services the basement through the second floor. Structural adjustments, including partial vault demolitions and reinforcement of adjacent vaults, were necessary to facilitate its installation.

Preservation efforts extended to the restoration of historic elements such as exterior wooden doors, sandstone portal entrances, sandstone flooring, and a historically themed wooden frieze within the library.

The entirety of the construction endeavors amounted to CZK 134.86 million, exclusive of VAT.

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Investor Military Hospital Olomouc
Realization 12/2021 – 11/2023
Budget 134.86 million. CZK
General designer/architect SPZ Design, s.r.o.
Location Olomouc

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