The University Hospital Brno Reconstruction of gastro operations

The University Hospital Brno resolved the emergency conditions and outdated equipment in its hospital kitchen, along with its unsatisfactory layout, by initiating a complete reconstruction of its catering operations. ESOX was appointed as the general contractor for this endeavor, with the imperative of maintaining the kitchen’s functionality throughout the process.

In the initial phase, a temporary kitchen was constructed, integrating both old and new gastro technologies. Within three months, the kitchen, responsible for preparing 4,500 meals daily, was relocated, paving the way for the commencement of the second phase, which involved the comprehensive refurbishment of the main brewhouse.

Within the new premises, meals for hospital staff and patients are prepared with stringent adherence to hygienic regulations set forth by both the Czech Republic and the European Union. The kitchen is meticulously organized into color-coded zones, each serving a specific role in meal preparation. The pink zone handles sweet dishes, the red zone is designated for meat, the green zone for vegetables, the blue zone for cold dishes, and the black zone for dishwashing, with the remaining surfaces and floors colored yellow.

Of particular architectural interest is the ventilated air ceiling spanning 770 square meters, constructed using the GIF system, the largest of its kind in the country. This system comprises cassettes of specialized design, crafted from sleek brushed sheet metal with integrated fat-trapping backdrops, alongside built-in luminaires. This technology facilitates efficient ventilation throughout the kitchen space, eliminating the need for traditional hoods. Moreover, concealing the entire ventilation system under the structure mitigates the issue of dust accumulation commonly observed in conventional kitchen setups.

The renovation project has yielded a remarkable 30% reduction in energy consumption while concurrently enhancing operational capacity. The upgraded kitchen now has the capability to prepare up to 5,500 meals daily, executed within a meticulously organized operation.

The entire project spanned nine months, with the reconstruction costs totaling CZK 164 million. Of this amount, CZK 71 million was allocated to construction, with the remaining CZK 93 million invested in technology.

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Investor The University Hospital Brno
Realization 02/2023 – 02/2024
Budget 61.64 million. CZK
Building dimensions Area of the reconstructed part: 2 655 m2
General designer/architect BKB Metal, a.s.
Location Brno

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