Reconstruction and Extension of the Post Office in Mikulov

The historic building in the listed center of Mikulov underwent a modern extension according to the plan of architect Bukolsky, accompanied by a complete reconstruction. Remarkably, the post office, housed within the building, continued its operations during this transformation.

The entire project was characterized by the use of superior materials. Our team, under the guidance of construction manager Lukáš Večera, designed, among other things, the façade cladding and roof cladding made of Corten, a weather-resistant steel.

The reinforced concrete monolith with brick linings was thus adorned with a distinctive “rusty” superstructure, providing the post office building with a recognizable appearance for the inhabitants of Mikulov. Additionally, it incorporates a depository and a residential section.

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Investor Ing. Závodný
Realization October 2013 - March 2015
Budget 50.6 million CZK
Building dimensions 2 500 m²
General designer/architect Ing. arch. Martin Bukolský
Location Mikulov

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