Reconstruction and Extension of the CAMEA Headquaters

CAMEA, a platform creator for transport system solutions, outgrew its original headquarters in meeting administrative and production needs. To address this, a reconstruction and extension project was executed based on the design by the Hiproject architecture and design studio.

Led by construction manager Ing. Lukáš Večera, our team reconstructed the former boiler room of the Lachema pharmaceutical complex, seamlessly integrating it with a new three-story extension constructed from a reinforced concrete prefabricated skeleton. The project also encompassed the design of paved areas, including parking lots.

Completed on schedule and meeting agreed-upon quality standards, CAMEA’s new headquarters, including production facilities, now comply with stringent clean production requirements.

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Investor CAMEA spol. s.r.o.
Realization July 2018 - September 2019
Budget 64.894 million CZK
Building dimensions 3109.62 m3 (reconstruction), 9046.95 m3 (new building)
General designer/architect Hiproject s.r.o
Location Brno

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