Reconstruction and Completion of Ptáček Headquarters in Březnice

In 2016, the three buildings on the premises of the Ptáček company in the village of Březnice near Zlín were no longer in line with the concept of modern storage, commercial, and business premises. Two buildings underwent renovation, and one was demolished.

Designed by architects from BOOS PLAN studio, a new building with nearly identical floor plan dimensions was created, with construction manager Lukáš Večeřa utilizing some materials from its demolished predecessor. The result is a structural sight system with a visible part of the horizontal load-bearing structures.

The cladding of two existing buildings was repaired and replaced, providing the wholesale and plumbing center in Březnice with new and representative premises.

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Investor PTÁČEK - správa, a.s.
Realization March - December 2016
Budget 35.5 million CZK
Building dimensions 1 750 m²
General designer/architect BOOS PLAN
Location Březnice

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