New base of Emergency Medical Services in Mikulov

Paramedics in Mikulov have been operating from a brand-new base since December 2023, enabling them to vacate rented premises and enhancing access to the main road. Similar to other bases constructed by ESOX for the South Moravian Region Ambulance Service, this facility is a two-story building without a basement.

Situated on a 452 square meter plot, the base adheres to a plus energy standard, facilitated by two photovoltaic power plants. The first plant caters to the base’s regular operations, while the second powers the heat pumps. These pumps utilize heat from deep wells to efficiently produce heating and hot water for the base’s needs, with the added capability of cooling the building during summer months.

The ground floor of the building comprises two ambulance bays, a disinfection area, storage for medical supplies, linens, infectious waste, and sorted municipal waste.

On the first floor, crew facilities include accommodation rooms, a day room equipped with a kitchen, a gym, a technician’s room, a protocol room, a data center, and sanitary facilities.

In addition to the main structure, paved areas offer parking spaces for cars, as well as shelters for spare resources, motorcycle storage, ambulances, and sorted waste containers.

Construction commenced in May 2022, reaching completion by the end of June 2023. The project, funded by the South Moravian Region, incurred a total cost of 69.56 million crowns exclusive of VAT.

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Investor South Moravian Region
Realization May 2022 - June 2023
Budget 69.56 million. CZK
Building dimensions Built-up area: 3 970 m3 (452 m2)
General designer/architect Projekce PROST Hodonín s.r.o.
Location Mikulov

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