Kindergarten and Primary School Hapalova

The Kindergarten and Primary School Hapalova, exclusively designed for children with autism spectrum disorder, emerged through a complete reconstruction of the premises on Marie Hübnerová Street in Řečkovice, Brno.

The primary goal of the reconstruction was to create spaces tailored to the specific needs of the children. This involved demolishing an inadequate wing of the school and replacing it with a new one of similar volume, along with other extensions. The H-shaped floor plan organically divides the building into a nursery and primary school, forming a sheltered entrance courtyard conducive to interactions between different educational blocks.

The interior is thoughtfully designed to harmonize coziness with the practicality required for teaching and meetings. Special vinyl flooring was implemented to dampen acoustics, and dimmable luminaires, controllable remotely, allow for adjustable light intensity. Gyms and game rooms feature floors made of a specially softened sports surface. Additionally, the project prioritized connectivity to surrounding roads and the creation of ample parking spaces for parents. The outdoor spaces, including the garden, were adapted to provide students with alternative settings for learning and activities.

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Investor South Moravian Region
Realization 01/2020-07/2021
Budget 135.3 million CZK
Building dimensions 21,520 m3
General designer/architect Atelier 99 s.r.o.
Location Brno-Řečkovice

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