Green Pavilion for the Faculty of Environment of the Czech University of Life Sciences Prague

The remarkable pavilion with a green facade was built by ESOX as a general contractor for the Faculty of Environment of the Czech University of Agriculture in Prague. The seven-storey building, three floors of which are hidden underground, is equipped with several innovative systems to combat climate change.

The building is low-energy and uses both rainwater and recycled wastewater. The most visible feature is the green façade. It consists of 12,300 plants of 13 species, carefully selected by the FŽP PhD students themselves.

The plants conceal a sophisticated irrigation system using rainwater. The eastern and northern facades are formed by an ETICS system with a full-frontal vertical garden. This is formed by plastic planters anchored to Cetris fireproof full height cladding in black, which gives the façade some of its exceptional aesthetics. The entire system is suspended from an aluminium structure which is anchored directly into the building’s load-bearing part via the insulation system.

The underground parts of the building serve mainly as technical and technological facilities, but also house specialised laboratories. The above-ground floors primarily house offices, warehouses, laboratories, studios, classrooms and other rooms. The pavilion’s flat green roof serves as a place to relax.

The construction of the new pavilion was carried out in the years 2021 – 2023, the total financial costs of CZK 269 million were covered from the resources of the ČZU and from the financial programme Development and renewal of the material and technical basis of public universities – Ministry of Education and Science. ESOX, spol. s.r.o. carried out the construction as the general contractor.

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Investor Czech University of Life Sciences Prague
Realization 07/2021 – 06/2023
Budget 218.317 million. CZK without VAT
Building dimensions Built-up area: 805 m2
Location Prague - Suchdol

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