Extension of Startech Rosice production hall

ESOX built an extension to the hall in Rosice u Brna for the Czech engineering company Startech, which deals with precision machining of all common and special materials. The 2,000 square metre extension helped the company to expand its existing production facilities.

The new part of the production area is built as a four-bay facility. The two middle aisles are used for production and are single-storeyed, with two-storeyed non-production areas on either side in the outermost aisles. They serve as sanitary facilities, warehouses, changing rooms or offices. Natural lighting and ventilation are provided by strip vinyl windows running along both sides of the building.

The new hall is based on piles and its structure is prefabricated. There are brackets on the columns in both inner bays to accommodate the crane runway. The perimeter cladding consists of wall panels filled with polyurethane rigid foam and the façade of the hall corresponds in shape and colour to that of the existing building.

In addition to the windows, the façade is fitted with doors and gates with metal awnings. The roof has strip skylights with opening parts, which provide the entire hall with sufficient daylight.

The construction also included an earthing system, lay-in drainage, under-pressure roof drainage, external utilities, retaining wall, shelters, adjacent paved areas with parking and landscaping. Esox worked on the contract from July 2022 to June 2023 and the investor paid CZK 68.12 million excluding VAT.

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Investor STARTECH Assets s.r.o.
Realization 07/2022 – 06/2023
Budget 68.12 million. CZK without VAT
Building dimensions Built-up area: 2 040 m2 (18  360 m3)
General designer/architect Atelier DPK, s.r.o.
Location Rosice u Brna

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