Extension of ISAN Radiators production hall

Blansko-based company ISAN Radiators is a long-standing manufacturer of heating elements with over 60 years of history, and it holds the distinction of being the largest producer of bathroom tube radiators in the Czech Republic. Acting as the general contractor, ESOX oversaw the construction of a 3,186 square meter extension, featuring a two-story annex situated in the upper left corner of the existing hall.

The new extension directly adjoins the current hall, separated by a fire-resistant wall. Connectivity between the two spaces is facilitated through a high-speed door, a fire shutter, and a standard door. The ground floor of the extension is a single-story hall, constructed with a prefabricated structure supported by drilled piles. On the first floor, there are sanitary facilities including a cleaning room, along with space allocated for technical utilities. The second floor houses two distinct office spaces.

Additionally, the building features sectional doors leading towards the east and west sides, providing access to adjacent roads. The facade is clad in sandwich paneling, while the roof is comprised of flat trapezoidal sheet metal with a folded mono-pitch design.

Apart from the construction of the building itself, the project encompassed ancillary tasks such as tiling, paving, painting, plastering, cladding, plasterboard installation, waterproofing in wet areas, locksmithing, carpentry, plumbing, fireproofing, firestopping, and other activities essential for the creation of a fully operational structure. Internal wiring was included, whereas external infrastructure such as connections, relocations, substations, or roadways and pathways were not part of the scope.

Construction on the extension commenced in January 2023 and was successfully completed on schedule by October 2023. The total cost of the extension amounted to CZK 70 million, exclusive of VAT.

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Investor ISAN Radiátor s.r.o.
Realization 01/2023 – 10/2023
Budget 70.03 million. CZK
Building dimensions Built-up area: 30 642 m3, Built-up area: 3 186 m2
General designer/architect eccara s.r.o.
Location Blansko

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