Construction of Hotel Jerex in Autopark D1

Ostrovačice, one of the towns along the D1 highway, faced issues with improperly parked trucks. The solution, long discussed for 20 years, came in 2016 in the form of Autopark D1, offering much more than just a parking lot.

The complex, located next to exit 178, designed by architect Pavel Kučera from Atelier ArchStudio, includes features such as gas stations, restaurants, a hotel, a congress center, and dozens of parking spaces.

Under the guidance of construction manager Tomáš Tschöpl, our team embarked on the construction of the five-story Hotel Jerex with a capacity for 70 guests in March 2015. For the reinforced concrete structure, we focused on cladding using the Kalzip system of curved metal slats and a ventilated facade. This surface treatment meets the ETICS standard, and the potential occurrence of radon was eliminated through anti-radon insulation made of asphalt strips.

A distinctive feature was also a detail that remains hidden from most guests and passersby – the green roof. Specifically, a shed roof, constructed with a cross-reinforced concrete slab.

Since 2016, every motorist can avail themselves of the comprehensive services of Autopark D1, and accommodated guests can additionally explore the hotel’s interiors designed by Atelier Tecl.

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Investor JEREX a.s.
Realization March 2015 - August 2016
Budget 101 million CZK
Building dimensions 43 rooms, restaurant, and conference spaces
General designer/architect Atelier ArchStudio, Atelier Tecl
Location Ostrovačice

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