Community Centre Židlochovice

Židlochovice welcomes a new community centre designed by Ing. architect Pavel Jura, providing locals with a modern space to gather and access various services, including social counseling, all under one roof.

During the project, construction manager Tomáš Sedláček navigated extensive landscaping while ensuring the town hall’s uninterrupted operation, connected to the community centre by a connecting neck.

The complex comprises three new buildings with a basement. The two-storey Community Centre replaces the original structure and houses offices and meeting rooms. Another two-storey building serves as a 100-seat auditorium, and a single-storey hall completes the ensemble.

Constructed with ceramic blocks and a monolithic ceiling structure, the roof features a wooden roof truss with ceramic tiles, equipped with solar panels. The project also included the design of parking lots and outdoor paved areas, featuring granite chipped block paving.

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Investor City of Židlochovice
Realization April 2019 - July 2020
Budget 61.865 million CZK
Building dimensions Approximately 2,000 m2, including paved areas
General designer/architect Ing. architekt Pavel Jura, PROMED Brno spol. s r.o.
Location Židlochovice

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