AdMaS Research and Development Centre

The acronym AdMaS stands for Advanced Materials Structures and Technologies, representing the regional research and development centre of the Faculty of Civil Engineering at Brno University of Technology. We completed the centre, comprising a hall and three pavilions, in a distinctive location within the Brno Technology Park at the end of 2014.

Ivan Kozel, the construction manager, executed the project following Intar’s design, drawing on his experience from similar projects. A noteworthy aspect was the partial cladding of the reinforced concrete skeleton using PUR panels with an aluminum grid and large-format ceramic cladding, creating a ventilated facade.

The purpose of the buildings aligns with the scientific research conducted on the campus, focusing on advanced building materials and technologies. The test hall is accompanied by basement multi-storey pavilions housing laboratories and warehouses, accommodating over 250 instruments with a total value exceeding CZK 300 million.

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Investor AdMaS
Realization January 2013 - December 2014
Budget 46 mil. CZK
Building dimensions 2 200 m²
General designer/architect INTAR
Location Brno

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